PropOne Underwater Light Coating (ULC) 70mL

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One pack, one coat.

Bright, clean and simple. 

  • Transparent coating specifically designed for your underwater lights
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Simple application

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PropOne ULC is a an optically clear foul release coating designed for application to glass and polyamide underwater light lenses. It can also be coated onto surrounding brass and plastic/composite light fitting surroundings.

The ULC is a non-biocidal, low surface energy coating which prevents organisms strongly adhering to the light lens. Any growth can be easily dislodged by cleaning with a soft sponge or wiping with a gloved hand.

As with all foul release coatings, when not in use, the surface will slowly become colonised by encrusting organisms. The removal of the fouling organisms is purely a mechanical effect.

The ULC does not prevent marine growth by chemically poisoning the environment


Application guide

Additional information

Weight 1.01 kg


Time to immerse Size Recommended
Coverage (approximate)
At 10°C (50°F): 16 hours, at
20°C (68°F): 12 hours.
70mL Glass and polyamide underwater light lenses.
Surrounding brass and plastic/composite light fitting surrounds.
70mL tin is sufficient to coat roughly
0.7 sqm of underwater light lens area


Surface Preparation

Remove foreign matter by one or a combination of the following:

  1. Brush with stiff fibre brushes.
  2. If heavy shell fouling is present on light surface, clean with Crystilium Hull and Waterline Cleaner.
  3. Grease and oil can be removed with a sponge using a 1:50 dilution of Crystilium Boat Wash in water.
  4. Finally wash down with high pressure fresh water hose and allow to dry completely.
  5. Wipe with a clean cloth soaked in acetone.

Inspect all cleaned surfaces for any contaminants.

ULC application

  1. Apply the ULC using a brand new soft clean brush.
  2. Apply generously, working from the centre to the edges.
  3. Cover all areas of the light lens and any surrounding brass or plastic/composite fitting working systematically to cover all of each lens before moving to the next lens. Apply one coat only.
  4. Check for runs and drips, these can be brushed out for up to five minutes before the coating begins to cure.

ULC Technical Data Sheet


Proven performance, worldwide. PropOne is a non-biocidal foul release coating that will protect your underwater metals. Increase speed and lower your fuel use!

Cleaners & Removers

Get the best out of your PropOne application by properly preparing metal surfaces and removing old coatings and contamination you cannot see.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mark Davidov
Helpful advice and prompt respond

Thank you for the helpful advice on the right product selection and speedy response.

Went on just as the instructions said

I used the Prop one and light product. The stuff went on just a easy as the instructions let you believe. For a 17" prop on my sail boat there was more that enough. The clear coating was just as easy.
Now we wait a year and see what happens......

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