Beautiful, natural finish for your teak decking and furniture

JustTeak Teak Sealer is a marine grade, penetrating teak oil.

It is designed to give superior performance compared to a traditional teak oil. With its advanced formulation, it provides protection against the sun, rain, staining, mould and mildew, while giving a beautiful natural long-lasting finish. The easy and fast-drying application will have your teak quickly and safely, looking brand new.

  • Man applying JustTeak Teak Sealer to Yacht swim platform

Penetrating teak oil

Fast Recoat

UV Protection

Rain and stain protection

Safe for caulking

JustTeak 1 Litre Teak Sealer


  • 1L Teak Sealer (1.056 Quart)
  • Stirring Stick

JustTeak 4 Litre Teak Sealer


  • 4L Teak Sealer (1.056 Gallons)
  • Stirring Stick

JustTeak Small Restoration Kit


  • 1L Teak Cleaner (Part 1 – 1.056 Quarts)
  • 1L Teak Brightener (Part 2 – 1.056 Quarts)
  • 1L Teak Sealer (1.056 Quart)
  • Medium Scourer
  • Coarse Scourer
  • Crystilium Marine Eraser
  • Stirring Stick

JustTeak Large Restoration Kit


  • 5L Teak Cleaner (Part 1 – 1.32 Gallons)
  • 5L Teak Brightener (Part 2 – 1.32 Gallons)
  • 4L Teak Sealer (1.056 Gallons)
  • 2 x Soft Scourers
  • 2 x Medium Scourers
  • 2 x Coarse Scourers
  • 2 x Crystilium Marine Erasers
  • Stirring Stick
 Coverage  Application  Coats  Recoat  Walk On  Rain   Ready
5.5m² (60ft²) coverage per litre when applying 2 coats  Rag, brush or   pad applicator 2 – 3 coats depending on  the absorbency of the teak After touch-dry: 15-30  minutesat 23°C (73°F)  3 hours at 23°C (73°F)  6 hours at 23°C (73°F)

See our technical data sheet for detailed application instructions:

JustTeak Technical Data Sheet

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