JustTeak Teak Sealer – Teak Oil. Choice of 2 Shades

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Beautiful, natural finish for your teak decking and furniture

Choice of Natural (most popular) or ClearTone shade of sealer

Available in 1L (1.056 Quart) or 4L (1.056 Gallons)

  • Latest generation marine grade formulation
  • Penetrating teak oil provides superior, long lasting performance compared to traditional teak oil
  • Quick & easy to apply with fast drying 15 minute recoat
  • Excellent UV protection – slows the greying of your teak
  • Rain and stain protection
  • Non-slippery surface finish
  • Protects against mould and mildew
  • Safe for caulking on marine decking
  • Robust surface finish, never cracks or peels
  • Keeps teak cool to touch in direct sunlight
  • Stabilizes the teak – stops it cracking yet allows the teak to breathe

For best results use our JustTeak Cleaner and Brightener Kit before application on weathered teak!

Dealer/Boatyard/Export Pricing available – Contact Us!

JustTeak Teak Sealer is a marine grade, penetrating teak oil.

It is designed to give superior performance compared to a traditional teak oil. With its advanced formulation, it provides protection against the sun, rain, staining, mould & mildew. While giving a beautiful natural long-lasting finish. The easy and fast-drying application will have your teak quickly and safely, looking brand new.


JustTeak Sealer 1L  Est. Coverage = 60 Square Feet/5.5 Square Metres (2 Coats)
JustTeak Sealer 4L Est. Coverage = 240 Square Feet/22 Square Metres (2 coats)

Benefits of JustTeak:


Premium marine-grade performance that will renew your teak quickly and safely.


Guards your teak from weather for a longer life.

Gentle on your teak

Formulated to not damage your teak.

Application of the JustTeak Teak Sealer

Additional information

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 Coverage  Application  Coats  Recoat  Walk On  Rain   Ready
5.5m² (60ft²) coverage per litre when applying 2 coats  Rag, brush or   pad applicator 2 – 3 coats depending on  the absorbency of the teak After touch-dry: 15-30  minutesat 23°C (73°F)  3 hours at 23°C (73°F)  6 hours at 23°C (73°F)


Preparation:Ensure teak is dry. For best results apply in temperatures above 10°C (50°F) on a dry, sunny day.

Mask off surrounding area to be coated, this will help to make clean-up easy.

  • Freshly sanded teak:
    Ensure teak is clean and
    free from dust and dirt
    before application.
  • Cleaned and brightened teak: Ensure teak is completely dry before applying Teak Sealer
  • Aged/grey teak or
    previously coated teak:
    To restore natural colour, Clean with JustTeak Teak Cleaner then Teak Brightener to remove old coatings, dirt and deposits that have turned the teak grey.
  • New teak: Allow teak to weather for 4-6 weeks.


  1. Shake then stir teak sealer prior to use.
  2. Apply the sealer by either rag, brush or pad applicator, along the length of the board to ensure even colouring and to avoid line marks. TIP: Stir product periodically whilst applying to ensure even colouring.
  3. Apply generously and allow to dry. Soak up any areas that have not absorbed the sealer. 
  4. When touch dry, apply 1-2 subsequent coats until teak stops absorbing the sealer.
  5. To clean equipment and spills simply use white spirits or xylene.

JustTeak Technical Data Sheet

Teak Cleaner & Brightener

Renew your teak’s natural colour and finish in 2 easy steps!

Remove stains, greying and old coatings with Part 1: Cleaner and finish off by brightening your teak with Part 2: Brightener

Cleaning Scourers

For use especially with the JustTeak Cleaner and Brightener to gently maintain your teak.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Stephen O
Just teak sealer

Easy to apply. Good durability.

Roy Pinder
Great stuff

I have now been using just teak, prop one, brightener and cleaner for 3 years now and find they do as they say. Service is outstanding and when I was in the USA they processed an order here in Australia for delivery in Savanna Georgia. I am keen to try the new Crystilium on my Beneteau Oceanis 48 but was hoping they had smaller packaging to test the product on a area before doing the whole hull.

Great product

Clearly the best product of the market, we’ve used them all and no one comoares to JustTeak in look, performance and durability

Sofie Joshi
Great protectant, adds to the natural teak color

This sealer did a great job with a Teak dining set I recently purchased. It deepened the natural color and removed the water stains on the chair legs and table top. Would buy again!

Scott Robinson

Fantastic finish, used the clear and the result was stunning, very happy and would recommend

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