See why JustTeak is the proven choice to protect your teak

Teak care done right! Goes on well and keeps teak preserved. I would highly recommend the JustTeak System”

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JustTeak Sealer was so easy to use, applies
smooth and evenly.”

Sydney, Australia, 2021

JustTeak is no less than stellar!”

North Carolina, USA, 2021

Just look at the side by side before and after ,
and you can tell this stuff is awesome!”

Brisbane, Australia, 2021
  • Side by side comparison of before and after
  • After JustTeak Sealer

It worked really well, it exceeded my expectations, I thought I was going to have to do some sanding but the end result was so good I didn’t need to.”

Sydney, Australia, 2021

I am never going to use another product for my teak, I love this!”

Sydney, Australia, 2021
  • After

Our teak was worn pretty badly but after using JustTeak it looks rejuvenated”

Australia, 2021

The difference after application is incredible!”

Australia, 2021
  • After
  • After

Applies beautifully”

Sydney, Australia, 2021

Fantastic finish, used the ClearTone and the result was stunning, very happy and would recommend”

Victoria, Australia, 2021
  • JustTeak ClearTone Sealer

I recently purchased the JustTeak Sealer Oil Restoration Kit in the natural finish and am beyond pleased! The application process was quite easy and the finished product beautiful! I would highly recommend this system to anyone restoring ALL teak products!”

USA, 2021

Teak care done right! Goes on well and keeps wood preserved. One application every six months does the trick.”

USA, 2021

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