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Our unique marine coatings are ‘Ahead in Performance’

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Premium Surface Protection

The Crystilium Cleaning Range is a set of high-performance boat topside and hull cleaning and detailing products designed to complement your Crystilium Clear Coat preparation and to maintain its beautiful finish.

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Crystilium Premium Boat Wash Concentrate 1L & 5L

The Crystilium Premium Surface Protection Boat Wash Concentrate is pH-neutral, that thoroughly cleans and is gentle on your boat.

  • Wax-friendly, does not strip previous applied wax layers;
  • High foaming formula that lifts debris and lubricates while you clean, minimising swirl marks;
  • Removes stubborn stains quickly without hard scrubbing;
  • Free rinsing, decreasing drying time;
  • Does not contain alkalis, acids, or abrasives;
  • High strength concentrate 1:150 dilution;
  • MARPOL compliant.

Hull and Waterline Cleaner 1L & 5L

This premium, high performance hull and waterline cleaner effectively removes marine growth, greasy deposits, rust, scum and stains.

  • Suitable for use on fibreglass, marine grade metals, glass, rubber and painted surfaces;
  • Removes stubborn stains quickly and without hard scrubbing;
  • Contains an acid-based formula that shortens preparation time at haul-out;
  • Will not remove gloss, but will remove discolouration, water stains, scuff marks and rust from fibreglass, aluminium, stainless, chrome and steel.

Detailing Sponges

This sponge twin pack is great for detailing hard surfaces like glass, fibreglass, metal and painted surfaces.

  • Polishes as it goes and works amazingly to remove scuff marks, leaving a brilliant shine.
  • Used with water, will leave a great result without the need for harsh chemicals or excess scrubbing