Crystilium Cleaning Kit

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High-performance boat topside and hull cleaning and detailing products.

  • Everything you need to clean and detail your boat in one kit.
  • Durable accessories that are designed to last


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Weight 2.5 kg


Boat Wash

  1. Thoroughly rinse surface prior to washing.
  2. Shake the bottle well.
  3. 1:150 dilution. Add 20mL Boat Wash per 3L of fresh water.
  4. While still wet from initial rinsing use a soft, non-abrasive sponge to apply Boat Wash mixture liberally.
  5. To avoid staining, do NOT allow Boat Wash to dry on the surface prior to rinsing. Wash small sections of large areas to ensure surface stays wet.
  6. Rinse thoroughly after washing.
  7. When finished, dry surface with a chamois/soft microfiber or cotton towel to prevent water spots. If water beads are allowed to air dry, any hardness present in the water will give a solid residue which could etch the surface if not removed.
  8. Stubborn stains: Remove with a higher concentration of Boat Wash. Requires increased amounts of rinsing.
  9. For a more heavy duty clean, use Hull and Waterline Cleaner.

TIP: Weekly cleaning of your boat is recommended to prevent surface stains and imperfections.

Hull and Waterline Cleaner

Protect surfaces being cleaned that could be damaged, such as polished or galvanized metal. Always test product on an inconspicuous area. Do not apply to hot surfaces or allow to dry.

  1. Remove large marine deposits.
  2. Pour product int an open plastic container and apply to the surface.
  3. Apply using a sponge, soft poly propylene scourer or brush. Work in until foaming.
  4. Keep deposits and stains wet and foaming.
  5. Allow product to remain on surface for 5-10 minutes then rinse off with fresh water.
  6. Severely stained or dirty surfaces may require second application.

Clear Coat System

Thin, transparent coating that is a high tech alternative to repainting.

Developed to ensure long lasting gloss, excellent protection and an easy clean for 2+ years.

Marine Eraser

No.1 Mark and stain remover tool for your boat.
Easily removes dirt & difficult stains without the need for detergent or cleaner.

Every boatie needs one!

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