Avoid repaint… Renovate and protect with Crystilium

Crystilium Clear Coat is a highly transparent, glossy, tough coating that gives brilliant, easy to clean, stain-free surfaces for 2+ years.

It has been developed to ensure increased surface aesthetics due to its long-lasting gloss and excellent protection against stains and scuffs on marine paints and gel-coat.

Crystilium can be applied quickly in or out of the water with a low environmental impact compared to a repaint and it can be removed using our Clear Coat Dissolver.

Easy to clean, stain-free surfaces for 2+ years

Use on marine topside painted surfaces, polyurethanes, gel-coat, acrylics, marine metals and more.

Restores weathered surfaces and colours to a bright, high gloss appearance

Clear Coat can be safely removed using Clear Coat Dissolver.

Crystilium Clear Coat

  • Easy to clean, stain-free surfaces for 2+ years.
  • Use on: marine topside painted surfaces, polyurethanes, gel-coat, acrylics, marine metals and more.
  • Coverage: Roughly 75 square meters per litre depending on the surface.


  • 125mL Crystilium Clear Coat (0.132 Quarts)

Crystilium Clear Coat Dissolver

  • Removal gel for Crystilium Clear Coat.
  • Will not damage paint, gel coat or any surface clear coat is applied to.
  • Coverage: 25 Square Meters per litre.


  • 5L Crystilium Clear Coat Dissolver ( 1.32 Gallons)
Product Time to immerse Size Recommended surfaces Coverage (approximate)
Clear Coat At least 24 hours at 20°C (73.4°F) 125mL Marine topside paint Gel-Coat Powder coatings Polyurethanes Acrylics and epoxies All marine metals Nylon Polycarbonate Perspex Vinyl 75 square metres per litre. May be reduced to below 60 sqm/L on more absorbent matt and weathered surfaces.
Clear Coat Dissolver Once dissolver is completely washed away 5 Litres Any surface where Crystilium Clear Coat is applied 25 square metres per litre. 2 applications may be necessary for complete removal.

Crystilium Clear Coat

It is essential that proper surface treatment be undertaken prior to application:

  1. Using 3M Tizact 3000 disc attached to an orbital sander, remove surface contamination, imperfections and light scratches. Ensure disc/surface is kept slightly wet. 
  2. Using a fast cutting compound on a compounding pad attached to an orbital sander, remove fine abrasive scratches.
  3. Wash with Greencorp Marine Boat Wash. 
  4. Rinse with fresh water.
  5. Dry with a cloth soaked in acetone or isopropanol to remove any last traces of water.

Applying the Clear Coat:

  1. Apply within the temperature range of 10C to 30C, do not apply in strong wind, direct sunlight or where humidity exceeds 80%.
  2. If applying to painted surfaces, ensure underlying paint is fully cured before overcoating.
  3. Mask off or otherwise protect adjacent surfaces that are not to be coated.
  4. Apply the Crystilium using a thin nap foam roller. Soak the foam with the coating so that it is moist but not dripping wet. Apply as supplied, do not thin.
  5. One section at a time apply a coat that wets the surface in a striping motion with even strokes, taking care to overlap and not leave a dry edge.
  6. Then tip off that section within 2 minutes. Using a microfiber cloth fastened with adhesive tape or a clip to a brush, spatula or wiper blade wetted with Crystilium. Ensure microfiber towels are washed and then dried (without detergent) in order to remove any dust or loose pieces of cloth. The coating will flow out to a perfectly flat finish.
  7. Protect from dust, windblown detritus and moisture/rain for at least two hours.
  8. The coating is touch dry within an hour and while hard dry in 3 hours at 25 oC, the coating will only attain its maximum state of cure after another 7 days. Do not immerse coated surfaces within 24 hours of application.
  9. Do not pour used product back into original container.

Crystilium Clear Coat Dissolver

  1. Ensure the area previously coated with Crystilium is clean, free of any oily residue, and dry.
  2. Using a brush or roller, paint a 1-2mm thick layer of Crystilium Clear Coat Dissolver onto surface. Tip: Cover with sheets of plastic wrap in warm conditions.
  3. Leave for 1 hour.
  4. Wipe off excess material.
  5. Wash with fresh water, ensuring once more that product is not splashed onto skin.
  6. If any areas of the original coating remain, this will show with water beading on these areas. Re-treat these areas as per above instructions.
  7. Once Dissolver is removed, the surface is ready for the preparation for a fresh application of Crystilium Clear Coat or normal preparation for re-paint.

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