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  • After application

“PropOne application on a 48ft Viking. Applied on running gear to maximise efficiency!” By the Marina Bayside team

Australia, 2020″

“We ran a test –  2 blades using PropOne and 2 blades without. The results speak for themselves.”

USA, 2018

“The boat had more speed and the engine had more RPM”

Hatteras Yacht (Italy), 2013

“This is the first time I have used PropOne, we used to polish our props and then every 2 months we’re calling divers to clean them up. I have had it on now for 4 months and our props are still clean. To my surprise, I noticed that the yacht develops much more easily a top speed with lower rpm. PropOne proved very effective. It saves us a lot of time and money!”

M/Y PALOMA Capt. Dimitris AZIMUT (Greece), 2014

“In my opinion, PropOne is a great new product compared to other, with a very good price. A small marine growth has appeared on the props after a long time from its application but, this does not affect the IPS system of Volvo. Good performance for the money. I’m pleased with the product.”

M/Y One More Toy (Greece), 2014

“Our boat was just hauled out of the water half an hour ago. The pictures tells all you want to know. We are very impressed with the result!”

Denmark, 2017

“PropOne worked better than anything else I have tried on my surface drives!”

Australia, 2016

“IPS Drives”

Australia, 2019

“PropOne performed!”

USA, 2018

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