Antifouling and Foul Release coatings

Antifouling and Foul Release coatings…What’s the difference?

Half PropOne Half No Coating

The left two propeller blades have been coated with PropOne, a foul release propeller coating; the right two propeller blades have had no treatment.

Key Points:

  • Fouling is the accumulation of marine organisms on underwater surfaces and is an inevitable part of boating life.
  • Foul-free vessels get increased speed and less fuel consumption.
  • Common solutions to prevent fouling are antifouling and foul release coating treatments.
  • Antifouling is the use of biocidal paint coatings, designed to kill marine life that adhere to vessels.
  • Foul release coatings work by making surfaces too slippery for marine life to attach themselves and are safe for the marine environment.
  • PropOne is a foul release coating specifically designed for propellers and running gear as an alternative to propeller antifoul.

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