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PropOne™ is proud of their accredited applicators. Accredited applicators are trained and supported by both Greencorp Marine and their local distributors. Should you wish to find an accredited applicator in your local area, please contact us and you will receive a list of applicators in your area.

Application Guides

PropOne English Brief Application Guide
PropOne French Brief Application Guide
PropOne Italian Brief Application Guide
PropOne Spanish Brief Application Guide


Use this table to determine which size PropOne™ kit will be required to coat your
running gear.

Propeller size and number of blades
18″-24″ 24″-36″ 36″-48″
Three or four blades Four or five blades Five blades
Running gear components to be painted One propeller 250ml Kit 500ml Kit 500ml Kit
Two propellers 250ml Kit 500ml Kit 1 Litre Kit
Two propellers, two rudders & two propeller shaft struts 500ml Kit 500ml Kit 1 Litre Kit
Two propellers, two rudders, two propeller shaft struts & two trim tabs 500ml Kit 1 Litre Kit 1 Litre Kit

Drying Time

Minimum time to immersion at 55% RH:
20°C (68°F): 12 hours
10°C (50°F): 16 hours
Lower temperatures or humidity will extend cure time. Minimum application conditions: 10°C (50°F), 55% RH.

There is no maximum time to immersion, only a minimum time.

Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Download PropOne Technical Data Sheet (TDS)